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Batman–The Dark Knight after 9/11

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I love this article. The only rebuttal I have is that Batman is not merely a metaphor for George Bush, but for all the people who believe in fighting the War on Terror, be they civilians, soldiers, etc. If you still see the truth of the threat the free world faces, chances are you've been discriminated against by your peers, teachers, coworkers, neighbors..... But as my favorite line in "The Dark Knight" goes:

"Stand up to a terrorist, even if people hate you for it."

From Batman–The Dark Knight after 9/11, by Eric Golub

"Some feel that only police officers and judges should have guns. Others feel that this would embolden criminals. We now know that increased citizen gun ownership leads to dramatic reductions in crime. Deterrence works.
Batman is a deterrent. His methods scrape dangerously against the law. In fact, Batman takes steps in this movie that would make the ACLU cringe...."

"People criticize Batman, but they simply do not understand that he saves lives.
Most importantly, Batman himself is willing to be reviled and let others take the credit. He is not worried about the popular opinion of him. He is busy saving lives.

...Batman is President George W. Bush.
President Bush wants to kill terrorists. The argument is not over whether to do it. With the exception of the most extreme left wingers, there is a consensus in America to get the bad guys. The argument among the good guys comes in the form of the methods.

President Bush, like Batman, gets raked over the coals. Yet when all is said and done, Batman’s critics have no alternative solutions that are viable. If they did, Batman would not be necessary.
There are people in this nation that have a deep dislike for President Bush, in many cases crossing the line into hatred. Yet when asked what they would do to keep America safe, the crickets chirp loudly.

Talk of diplomacy can work with those that want to live. Yet with bloodthirsty madmen like Zarqawi, there is no room for dialogue. We killed him in a targeted air strike, and the world is forever better off for his death."
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