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Why do they hate us? Because they CAIR

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August 15, 2006
by Bob Parks
Let’s start this off with a quote….

“It was leadership here at home that gave us strong American influence abroad, and the collapse of imperial Communism. Great nations have responsibilities to lead, and we should always be cautious of those who would lower our profile, because they might just wind up lowering our flag.”
– President Ronald Reagan

With all that’s gone on during the last week in England and it’s ramifications here in the United States, we should be happy to know that someone, somewhere, was doing some good old fashioned electronic surveillance. As someone in our government was determined enough to check out bank records, it was also revealed that some of the airline bombers were duly unemployed, yet suspiciously had thousands of pounds in their British bank accounts.

But when those Islamo-fascists (our friends over at CAIR hate it when we call them that) act up, they now know they’ll have more time to not only plot their terrorist deeds, but the chance of actually boarding an aircraft with an explosive device is greater because of the criticisms of people within our own country.

Also, with all that’s gone on in Israel and Lebanon over the last few weeks, it’s becoming increasingly clear who is on our side and who is not. Apparently, we cannot trust Reuters. We knew we couldn’t trust the likes of CNN when it came to internal political differences, but according to Yaakov Lappin of ynetnews, it was CNN in particular that appears to be using its position as a disseminator of news to portray one side as villain and one as victim.

“A CNN International in-depth report from Israel and Lebanon unveiled the full extent of bias at work behind the global news network’s coverage of the Israel – Hezballah war.

“Scant attention is paid to Israeli civilians, while a long report featuring images and interviews of Lebanese civilians followed. The report’s startling lack of representation of the suffering experienced by so many Israeli civilians stood in stark contrast to the interviews and video footage taken of Lebanese children and scenes of wreckage shown from across Lebanon.”

The victimology card is not only being played by the Hezbos in Lebanon. It’s being played right here in America.

As some of you may know, I’m not the greatest fan of CAIR, the so-called Council on American-Islamic Relations. Should you take the time and research some of their principal players, there will be more than enough questions rolling around in your head regarding their alliance and to whom. But I find their most recent appeal interesting….

Sunday, August 13, 2006


As violence in the Middle East spirals out of control, our resources are once again stretched to their limit. Meanwhile our day-to-day work of defending your civil liberties and promoting an accurate image of Islam and Muslims continues to pile up at a pace that far outstrips our current resources. Our phone lines and e-mail boxes are overflowing with appeals from people who are counting on us to speak and act on their behalf.

Defending civil liberties. Like forcing companies to make exceptions and allow Muslims to pray during business hours; something that our own ACLU would be screaming bloody murder about if a Christian group demanded the same.

Defending civil liberties like threatening to sue anyone who says anything negative about a terrorist who just happens to be those Middle Eastern men, aged 18 to 40. Certain American firms like Google have fallen for that politically-correct “Don’t say bad things about Islamic terrorists” censorship already, and they’re not alone. I’ll get to that later.

Also, doesn’t anyone there at CAIR watch CNN? It would appear they do have some allies.

Now to be fair to CNN, Eason Jordan did once admit that CNN went easy on Saddam in order to get better access to the country. It would not be outside the box to assume CNN is kissing Hezballah ass so their reporters won’t get kidnapped.

When it comes to these terrorist players, you gotta do what you gotta do. But now it’s time for the pitch….

Dear Friend of CAIR,

As-salaam alaikum.

If you tuned into the news lately, you cannot have missed the media’s bias in portraying the conflict in the Middle East. You surely see our own government’s unconditional support for Israel. Even Sen. John Warner, from President Bush’s own party, questioned the wisdom of this one-sided support for Israel.

I wish the good people at CAIR would explain why Israel should give up land, as in the West Bank, and despite the requests/demands made over the years to accommodate those who write school books with Israel absent on its maps, and then have to lay down and accept Palestinian suicide bombers, Hezballah and Hamas terrorist activities within their border? Is blowing up buses good public relations? Is kidnapping civilians and soldiers giving a good impression of Muslims?

Are terrorists learning from their mistakes and planning bigger and better attacks? And let’s not forget those misunderstood who commandeered civilian aircraft and flew them into buildings. Is it me, or do these Islamic terrorists get a rise out of killing civilians? Just looking at the track record….

At CAIR we have organized a multi-layered campaign to address this recent conflict. A peaceful and just resolution to this five-decade-long conflict is important for the continued growth and empowerment of the Muslim community in America.

A new poll sponsored by CAIR and released last week shows that the majority of Americans want an immediate ceasefire in the Middle East.

Suspicious use of words that keeps coming up on CAIR verbiage, “the continued growth and empowerment of the Muslim community in America.”

Don’t get me wrong, I think it positive that anyone who wishes to succeed in America receive all the means to do so. But just what do they really mean by “empowerment”? In France, many young Muslims sought to overthrow the government there. I’m sorry, but this sounds quite suspicious.

To allow ordinary Americans to receive an accurate characterization of this conflict and to voice their disagreement about current US policy, we have launched a new resource website: Not In America’s Name.

Listen to the way they regard us: “ordinary Americans”. And this “Not in America’s Name” thing sounds like the standard appeal to our own ultra-liberals, especially in our colleges, that teach and grade students on their anti-semitism.

Among other things, the website contains a petition that demands that our elected officials pay heed to public opinion. Please take a moment to visit the website and sign CAIR’s “Not in America’s Name” petition. We need your help to reach our fellow Americans with these facts.

The website also contains educational materials about the conflict and suggests actions you can take to voice your opinions and concerns - from contacting your elected officials, sending humanitarian relief to the people in Lebanon and Gaza, organizing town hall meetings to writing letters to editors.

Speaking of public opinion and the CAIR “poll”, does anyone remember seeing it? And a petition that “demands” and offers “educational materials”. Are we talking about Adobe Photoshop tutorials? That too sounds familiar.

Someone should also remind the good people at CAIR that humanitarian aid to the Lebanese people, however as Hezballah people were shooting rockets from schools and hospitals and thus received return fire, it was kind of unsafe to send in the aid needed. Maybe if CAIR were to use some of their influence and “demand” that Hezballah stop shooting at Israel, it might be possible to get the needed aid in.

Just a suggestion.

In addition, we have coordinated news conferences with American citizens who have relatives in Lebanon or those who just arrived from there. These news conferences were carried out in more than a dozen cities across the nation. Most of the news conferences were carried by local affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX and helped to draw media attention to the bizarre situation in which American tax-payer-funded weapons are being used by Israel to bomb American citizens attempting to flee the war zone.

Hmmm…. No mention of CNN.

It is our Islamic obligation to help the cause of peace and justice and to help those who are advocating such enduring Islamic values.

Together, we can do it! We need:

* 400 of our friends to donate $200 per month,
* 800 of our friends to donate $100 per month,
* 1,500 of our friends to give $50 per month, and
* 2,500 of our friends to give $25 per month.

Throw in a few cellphones while you’re at it….

All we are asking for are modest monthly donations - between $25 and $200 or more. For less than the cost of your cable TV or coffee bill you can help CAIR advocate for you. Visit us at www.cair.com to find out how we help you everyday.

We close with a reminder from the Holy Quran, “Verily God will never change the condition of a people (community) until they change that which is within themselves (13:11).”



Parvez Ahmed

Nihad Awad
Executive Director

Unlike the people at Google or CAIR, I’m not seeking censorship. I’m not demanding our elected officials spy on CAIR and monitor where this money is coming from or where it’s going (although it wouldn’t be a bad idea given the background of certain CAIR officials).

I know Muslim people. They are good, upstanding members of our community. They are not for overthrowing our government and imposing Muslim law on all of us. However, there are those who enjoy the freedoms living in America affords, yet wish to turn us into a society that is contrary to the majority’s way of life.

Whether it be drive Israel into the sea, kill all infidels, or censor American citizens, we must all decide soon what side we’re on and expose those who wish to defeat us. Not on some battlefield overseas, but right here at home.

Censorship: Example One
Now while I have the most rewarding relationship I could possibly hope for, let me share this piece of my past.

While in the Navy, our carrier visited Pattaya Beach, Thailand. I’m not sure how things are now, but in the mid-eighties when I went there, it was the woman who dated the man. I guess the logic was that should a courtship result in marriage, the man would support that woman.

Anyway, I found myself being asked to dance or offered a drink at local watering holes. This was a situation America men seldom find themselves in. Sometimes we’d say yes, sometimes no. When I did say no, I could see the same kind of hurt and rejection I felt when I asked women out here in America. But as we’ve been in that position, there was no rolling of the eyes or snide remark to add insult to injury. After multiple experiences like that, I can understand why some American males may look elsewhere for the love of a good woman, without the drama.

But again, some feminists who hate men anyway, are pissed that some are straying outside our box to find good women.

There’s this website called “Russian Women: The Real Truth”, created by an American man living there, and a week or so ago, the site received the prestigious “BESTBLOG” on Wordpress, by the editor Michael Ono. Apparently, Michael is also a lead contributor for the “9Rules” blog community which is also supposed to be quite prestigious. The owner of the Russian Women site claims Mr. Ono has done a 180 and removed his site from BESTBLOG because of the non-PC nature of the site’s content. This is not porn, just a website devoted to women who are nothing like those you’ll experience on MTV’s “Next”.

According to the website’s owner (who requests to remain anonymous due to the hate emails and posts he’s received), “These feminists started to slam my site on their own blogs and then started a campaign to have me removed by the editor. They succeeded. There was a total double standard. They were allowed to come to my site, link to my site and slam me but when I called them to a debate (in a joking, taunting, yet good humored way), they used that as an excuse to call the editor to say that I was a psycho who threatened them.”

Regardless how you may feel about the clean adoration of women, censorship is becoming more and more the norm here in America. If the left can’t shout you down, they’ll make you go away.

Just ask Frank Salvato….

Censorship: Example Two
I’ve been privileged to know Frank Salvato for a few years now. He’s the editor for The New Media Journal (formerly known as “The Rant”).

Unfortunately, his was one of the first conservative websites that got “Googled”. Some of my columns have been as well.

Basically, he was accused to spreading hate because he, and some of the writers on the site of which I am one, criticized Islamo-fascists, and thus were deemed racists. Gotta love the left; at least they’re consistent.

Well, now it would seem that Comcast has too jumped into the act.

According to Frank, “In a nutshell, some left winger decided to take a day and go through each email address on the site in order to report them as “spam” to Comcast. Comcast, without even investigating, blacklisted them. Now, I have to submit them five at a time and only three submission of five daily to get them reinstated. Just another progressive-leftist’s idea of tolerance and fair play, I suppose.”

Yes folks, Comcast in a effort to appeal to the politically correct, has joined in and are now censoring email. Every time I try and send something to Frank, it’s returned as “blacklisted”.

This has got to stop.

One day, one of us will criticize a Democrat and may end up on a blacklist. If you think I’m exaggerating, remember those who would bring back the Fairness Doctrine should they regain power. Should that happen, we may all go away.

Big Brother is here, and let’s not leave out Big Sister.

Be silent at your own peril.

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